Welcome to TEQlease Capital Partners

TEQlease Capital Partners LLC is a leading equipment lease finance investment firm. Since the firm's founding in 2000, we have sought to create value by identifying equipment lease finance investment opportunities in companies making capital expenditures in essential-use equipment for specific revenue-producing projects. We differ from other private investment firms by limiting investments to equipment-related projects, but we do so across a range of equipment, industry, obligor and transaction types. We focus on building long-term relationships with investors, lenders, end user lessees, equipment lessors, and other equipment lease industry participants. Every lease investment is completed with an investor partner.

Our principals have broad and deep experience at structuring unique equipment lease finance solution investments in large, middle market and small businesses.

Many of our lease investments are originated and serviced by TEQlease. We also work closely with other equipment lenders and lessors as investment partners. We welcome equipment lease portfolio investments in which such equipment lenders and lessors co-invest and/or retain servicing.


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